The Impeachment Of President Donald Trump Has Officially Begun

House Democrats have officially begun the process of impeaching Donald Trump.

The six representatives have introduced five new articles of impeachment, all revolving around the assertion that Trump is a danger to America.

The politicians say Trump deserves to be impeached for a string of failings.

Namely his firing of FBI director James Comey, who was leading the federal investigation into Moscow’s 2016 election meddling, which Democrats say was an abuse of power.

They accuse Trump of violating the foreign emoluments clause, which bars public officials from receiving gifts from foreign governments without Congress’s consent.

He is also accused of violating the domestic emoluments clause, which bars the president from profiting from his office.

Finally, the Democrats say the president has undermined two of the country’s central institutions.

They accuse him of undermining the courts and the press in ways that threaten the health of the nation’s democracy.

“Given the magnitude of the constitutional crisis, there’s no reason for delay,” said Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.), sponsor of the resolution.

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Alongside Cohen in endorsing the articles of impeachment are Democratic Reps. Luis GutiƩrrez (Ill.), Al Green (Texas), Marcia Fudge (Ohio), John Yarmuth (Ky.) and Adriano Espaillat (N.Y.).

Republicans have rubbished the claims, with Republican spokesperson RNC spokesman Michael Ahrens saying: “House Democrats lack a positive message and are completely unwilling to work across the aisle, so instead they’ve decided to support a baseless radical effort that the vast majority of Americans disagree with.”

Man Pays For Stepdaughter’s Wedding

Man pays for stepdaughter’s wedding, then The Brides real character shows through that breaks his heart

A partner who makes you feel bad about yourself really doesn’t belong in your life, you need to get your life together, at all costs, and move on!

The terrifying thought of being alone is more often than not greater than the yearning for happiness and the reason that people stay in a relationship for longer than they should, even when we feel terrible about it!

A bad relationship is very hard to find the conviction to break free of, but in this storey, the man was pushed to the point of no return.

He told everyone about his situation by writing in a forum and very quickly received support from thousands of others who had read his post!

The man wrote.

My stepdaughter will be getting married on August 3rd. The wedding planning has consumed most of her and her mother’s life (I say her mother because we aren’t married, though we’ve lived together for 10 years) for the past six months.

My step-daughter graduated last December from University. I paid for her to go to college, though it was a state school, it still ran $40K. She does not have a job and has been living with us for the duration of her college career and since her graduation. I also bought her a car to get back and forth from school when she finished high school.

From time to time her deadbeat father would pop into her life and she would fawn all over him. Although he has not contributed a cent to her education or paid any child support, though that is my girlfriend’s fault as c.s. was not part of the settlement, she still loves him and wants him in her life.

He stays long enough to break her heart by skipping town and breaking some promise that he made her.

The wedding venue holds 250 people max. I gave them a list of 20 people that I wanted to invite, you know since I was paying for everything. They told me that was no problem and they’d take care of it. So I let these people know they’d be getting an invite and they should save the date. Saturday, I saw one of my friends on this list at the golf course and asked if he was coming.

He told me that he wasn’t invited. He told me that he got an announcement, but not an invitation. He had it in his back seat (along with probably six months of mail) and showed it to me. Sure enough, it was just an announcement, and my name was nowhere on it. It had her dad’s name and her mom’s name and not mine.

This led to a pretty big fight with my GF, as I found out that NONE of my list of twenty “made the cut” for the final guest list because “250 people is very tight.” I was pissed, but not a hell of a lot I could do because the important people in my life had already been offended. My GF said, “if some people didn’t rsvp yes, I might be able to get a couple people in.” But that is an ultimate slap in the face in my opinion. So, I was boiling on Saturday.

Yesterday, we had a Sunday dinner with the future in-law’s family and us and a surprise guest, the “Real Dad.” At this little dinner, my step-daughter announced that her “Real Dad” was going to be able to make it to her wedding and that now he’d be able to give her away. This was greeted with a chorus of “Oh how great” and “How wonderful”s.

I don’t think I have ever felt so angry and so disrespected. I was shaking. I took a few seconds to gather my composure because I honestly wasn’t sure if I would cry or start throwing punches or both. Once I was sure I’d be able to speak I got up from my chair and said I’d like to make a toast. I can’t remember exactly what I said but the gist of it was this:

“I’d like to make a toast.” The sound of spoons against glasses ring in my years. “It has been my great pleasure to be a part of this family for the past ten years.” Awe, how sweet. “At this point in my life, I feel I owe a debt of gratitude to bride and groom because they have opened my eyes to something very important.” Confident smiles exchanged. “They have shown me that my position in this family is not what I once thought it was.” And now a glimmer of confusion and shock begins to spread on the faces in the room. “Though I once thought of myself as the patriarch or godfather of the family, commanding great respect and sought out for help in times of need, it seems instead that I hold the position of an ATM, good for a stream of money, but not much else. As I have been replaced as host, both on the invitations and in the ceremony, I am resigning my financial duties as host to my successor, Real Dad. So cheers to the happy couple and the path they have chosen.” I finished my drink. “You all can let yourselves out.”

Is this selfish? I’m supposed to shell out 40 — 50 grand for a wedding that I can’t invite anyone to? That I am not a part of? I’m so done with this crap. I’m done with my step-daughter, I’m done with my GF. I transferred the money out of our joint account last night. (she has not had a job since she moved in with me) This morning I called all the vendors I had written checks to for deposits to refund my money. At present, it looks like I’ll lose around 1500, for the venue, but the other vendors have been great about refunding.

You want your “REAL DAD” to be on the invitation, to give you away and to sit at the head table, fine, your “REAL DAD” can pay for everything too.

June 9th 1:15 am – Girlfriend and Bride are now moved out. They are moving in with the groom. It was very hard not to be petty with some of the “belongings” they took with them, but it’s done and I switched out the locks and now it’s time for a brew. I can’t believe how popular this story got, but I feel good to be given support by so many. If I find out what happens with the wedding, I will let you know, but I can’t guarantee that I will put in the effort to find out. From what I’ve heard they are trying to “scale things back” and get his parents to help out. GF burned bridges when I found out she tried to write herself a check on our joint account the day after the unpleasantness. By then I had already moved money, so I guess I’m a bigger ass than her, but I could feel it coming. That’s all. Thanks.”

If you don’t feel like you’re being respected in a relationship, then probably you never will be, your other half, so to speak, will most certainly not have suddenly changed when they get up one morning!

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Without doubt, coconut oil is one of the most popular ingredients used nowadays. We frequently read about coconut oil on the internet, but in magazine papers as well. This is because coconut oil is abundant in nutrients, antioxidants, and fat-soluble vitamins and it has been used for different cosmetic purposes for centuries. It is known to moisturize the skin and to better the hair quality. If you still have doubts about its benefits, take a look at the list below with more than 100 one-of-a-kind benefits of this amazing oil.



Cosmetic products that contain coconut oil are one of the most effective ones because of their long shelf life, but also because of their potent antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Therefore, do not hesitate to use coconut oil for the wellbeing of your hair and skin.

* Lowers wrinkles- apply some coconut oil onto the affected area to soften the skin and lower the occurrence of wrinkles.

* Detangles the hair- apply some coconut oil onto the tangled area and leave it on for several minutes and then comb the hair carefully and gently.

* Speeds up the hair growth- besides speeding up the hair growth, it will also make the hair stronger and lower its breakage.

* Reduces puffiness in the eyes– apply some coconut oil around the eyes before going to bed to reduce the puffiness in the morning.

* Hydrates the skin- mix coconut oil with other essential oils and use it anywhere on the body for aromatherapy effects.

* Hydrates the skin- mix coconut oil with other essential oils and use it anywhere on the body for aromatherapy effects.

* It conditions the hair- if you regularly use coconut oil for the hair, you will moisturize the scalp, repair split ends, make the hair glow, etc. For this, you need to put two tsp of coconut oil in a container and then put the container in a large bowl with boiling water to melt it. Then, apply it onto the hair roots or scalp and wrap the hair in a towel. After one hour, rinse it as usually.

* Lowers dandruff- melt a small container of coconut oil and apply it onto the hair. Leave it overnight and rinse it off in the morning.

* Makes a great aftershave lotion- instead of using your regular aftershave lotion to soften the skin after the procedure of shaving, apply some coconut oil.

* Protects the skin from the harmful UV rays- put a bit of coconut oil onto the palms and run the fingers through the hair several times.

* It softens the lips– apply some solidified coconut oil onto the lips to heal the cracks and moisturize them.

* It exfoliates the skin- melt half a cup of coconut oil and mix it with 4 tsp of brown and white sugar and stir the mixture. Pour the mixture into small cups and put them in the fridge. Whenever you need an exfoliator for the skin, slice a small piece.

* It exfoliates the facial skin- mix equal amounts of coconut oil and baking soda and use it as a facial exfoliator to eliminate dirt and brighten your complexion.

* It makes a great facial mask- for a beneficial facial mask, mix a bit of coconut oil and a tbsp of raw honey and apply it onto the face on a regular basis. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water.

* It exfoliates the feet- mix some coconut oil with coarse salt and scrub the feet with the mixture and then rinse them off.

* It softens the elbows- if you have a rough elbow skin, rub it with some coconut oil to soften it.

* It heals cracked feet– rub the feet with some coconut oil to nourish and soften them.

* It is good for the nails and cuticles- apply coconut oil onto the nails and cuticles to encourage nail growth and to soften the cuticles.

* It cleans mascara brushes- before cleaning of your mascara brushes, soak them in coconut oil for 10 minutes.

* It makes the eyelashes longer– to achieve this, swab some coconut oil onto them.

* It can be used as a cheekbone highlighter- after doing your makeup; do not forget to add some coconut oil onto the cheekbones to emphasize them.

* It exfoliates the lips- to do this, rub the lips with 2 tsp of sugar and coconut oil mixture.

* It makes the perfect oil for massage- use a mixture of ¼ cup of coconut oil and several drops of some essential oil as massaging oil.

* It can be a great makeup remover- add several drops onto a cotton ball and cleanse the skin with it in circular motions and then rinse it off with warm water.

* It can be used as a bath oil- add several drops of coconut oil to your warm bathwater, but first, make sure you melt the oil in a cup. You can add other essential oils for a better aromatic effect.

* It makes a great lubricant- coconut oil is a completely safe lubricant, but you should not use it in combination with condoms.

* You can make lotion bar with it- mix a cup of shea butter, a cup of beeswax, and a cup of coconut oil in a mason jar and close the lid. Then, place the jar into a bowl of hot water so that the mixture melts. Then, remove it from the water and wait for it to cool down and add a tsp of vitamin oil.

* It can reduce cellulite- to reduce the visibility of cellulite, apply coconut oil onto the affected areas.

* It can be used as a tattoo moisturizer- apply some coconut oil onto new tattoos to prevent itching and inflammation.

* It can be used to prepare a natural deodorant- mix some shea butter and coconut oil and then put the bowl in hot water to melt it. Then, add 3 tbsp of baking soda, 1 tbsp of vitamin E oil, and ½ a cup of arrowroot powder and then stir the mixture well and transfer it into smaller cups. Once it cools down completely, you can use it.

* Treats varicose veins- apply a thin layer of coconut oil onto the areas to lower their appearance.

* Lowers stretch marks– to decrease the visibility of stretch marks, rub some coconut oil onto the affected areas.


Coconut oil can be used as a cooking ingredient and as an ingredient for many other things in the kitchen. There are two types that you can find in stores, i.e. unrefined and refined. The former is also known as virgin coconut oil and it is taken fresh out of coconuts and it has not gone through a process of refining like the latter has. This process includes the usage of harmful chemicals and it should be avoided. These are some of the best uses of coconut oil in the kitchen:

* As replacement for butter- you can eat it with your morning toast or bagel instead of butter.

* As smoothie ingredient- feel free to add coconut oil to your smoothies to enhance the taste and to improve the consistency of the beverage.

* As cooking oil- you can switch from regular cooking oil to coconut oil because it is tastier and has a better texture.

* As pan greaser- this is a far healthier and safer variant than using other oils.

* As sweetener- you can use coconut oil instead of white sugar which has numerous negative effects on the overall health.

* As salad dressing- enhance the taste of salads and better the nutrient absorption by using coconut oil.

* As topping for popcorns- mix some Himalayan salt with coconut oil and put it on top of your popcorn.

* As dish cleaner for stubborn stains- lubricate the dishes that have hard stains with coconut oil to ease the cleaning process.

* As a preserver of eggs- add a thin layer of coconut oil onto the eggs so that they last longer.

* As tea or coffee creamer- mix 2 tbsp of coconut oil, 2 cups of warm coffee/tea, and 2 tbsp of unsalted butter and enjoy your coffee or tea.

* As an ingredient for homemade mayonnaise– mix a tbsp of lemon juice, a bit of mustard, 4 egg yolks, 2/3 cup of olive oil, and a 2/3 cup of coconut oil to make your own, healthy mayonnaise at home.


* As an energy booster- coconut oil is rich in triglycerides, also known as saturated fats.

* As a cure for Athlete’s Foot- mix coconut and tea tree oil and rub it onto the feet to relieve the discomfort and pain.

* As a bone strengthener– coconut oil will help your body absorb vitamins and nutrients easier. They are necessary for healthy bones.

* To treat hemorrhoids- apply a bit of coconut oil onto hemorrhoids to speed up the healing process.

* For aromatherapy– mixing coconut oil and essential oils is great for helping the body and mind to relax.

* To strengthen the immunity- add coconut oil to your daily diet to make the immune system stronger and more capable of fighting off diseases.

* To control your appetite- if you constantly feel cravings, eat one tbsp of coconut oil to suppress the desire for food.

* To fight off inflammation- because it contains lauric and capric acids, coconut oil is great for treatment of inflammation.

* To enhance the blood flow- coconut oil can better your circulation if you consume it regularly.

* To support the thyroid gland- the laxative characteristics of coconut oil can speed up the metabolism and soften stools.

* To aid digestion– take several spoons of coconut oil per day to better your digestion.

* To fight off arthritis- since it has anti-inflammatory characteristics, coconut oil is great against arthritis pain and discomfort.

* To treat fungal and yeast infection– add 3 to 5 tbsp of coconut oil to your daily diet to boost the body’s ability to fight off bacteria, parasites, viruses, and fungi.

* To treat acid reflux- if you suffer from frequent acid reflux, take 3 tbsp of coconut oil per day.

* To soothe bee stings-put several drops of coconut oil onto the affected area for immediate relief.

* To encourage weight loss- to achieve this, replace all other fats with coconut oil.

* To reduce bad cholesterol– coconut oil is known to increase the good and lower the bad cholesterol due to the presence of lauric acid in it.

* To treat coughs- mix one tsp of raw honey, a tbsp of coconut oil, ¼ of warm water, and drink the mixture to reduce the coughing.

* To heal sunburns- mix equal amounts of aloe vera gel and coconut oil and apply it onto the affected areas gently.

* To stop nose bleeds– rub some coconut oil onto the inside of the nostrils to stop the bleeding.

* To bring relief from eczema– apply coconut oil onto the affected area.

* To repel insects- rub coconut oil onto your exposed body parts to keep bugs and insects away.

* To treat toothache- soak a cotton swab in a mixture of equal amounts of clove and coconut oil and apply it onto the painful area.

* As natural toothpaste- to prepare your own, organic toothpaste, you should mix 6 tbsp of coconut oil, a bit of baking soda, and 25 drops of some essential oil and store it in an adequate container.

* To fight off allergies– soak a cotton pad in coconut oil and put it onto the nostrils.

* To soothe discomfort during chicken pox– rub some coconut onto the affected areas to reduce the pain.

* As mouthwash- swish several drops of coconut oil in your mouth to better the health of your teeth and gums.

* To prevent lice- pour a bit of coconut oil onto a comb and brush your children’s hair with it to keep lice away.

* To eliminate earwax- put few drops of coconut oil into each ear to ease the removal of earwax.

* To remove moles and warts- rub a bit of coconut oil onto the moles and warts on a regular basis until they dry off and fall down.

* As a breath freshener- to destroy oral bacteria, swish few drops of coconut oil for a couple of minutes.


* To heal diaper rashes– apply coconut oil onto the rashes to speed up the healing process.

* As a nipple cream- in case your nipples are irritated and sore from breastfeeding, rub a bit of coconut oil onto them for immediate relief.

* To prevent morning sickness– if you are prone to morning sickness during pregnancy, take few drops of coconut oil to calm down and soothe your stomach.

* To moisturize the baby’s skin-you can massage the baby’s skin with coconut oil to keep it soft and smooth.


* To clean rust- apply coconut oil onto the rusty elements and wait for couple of hours before cleaning them with warm water.

* To prevent snow from sticking onto the shovel– if you’ve cleaned snow with a shovel, you have probably noticed that the snow tends to stick on the shovel. To prevent this, rub the shovel with coconut oil prior to using it.

* To fix zippers– if you have a stuck zipper, apply a bit of coconut oil to unstuck it.

* To get rid of stuck gums- coconut oil can come in handy when you need to remove chewing gums stuck on shoes, carpet, or in the hair.

* To shine and clean leather shoes and bags– rub the item with coconut oil to make them shine as new.

* To remove stuck rings- just apply several drops of coconut oil onto the ring and pull it out nice and smooth.

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8 Things every woman should do after intercourse

Most of us never think too much about the dos and donts of intercourse. It is very important to keep your private parts healthy and clean. Most of the infections that occur down there is because of unhealthy habits that one follows. And here are 8 things that you should totally do after making love. By doing so, you are helping your private part stay healthy and away from any kind of infections.


Number one: do a number one. During intercourse, bacteria can be introduced into your private part. It’s warm and moist inside there, which is the perfect environment for bacteria to multiply. If you don’t want to end up with a painful bladder infection, pee within an hour of having intercourse, which helps to flush out your private part. And of course, wipe from front to back to avoid faecal contamination.


Shower is good however avoid jumping into a hot bath tub. When your V (vagina) responds to stimulation, it opens a little more. And after intercourse, a hot bath tub shower can make you susceptible to more infections.


Just like with exercise, you may need to hydrate after making love. Dehydration affects your entire body, so if your mouth is dry, you definitely need to refuel with water. Chug a pint or two of water right after intercourse,it will hydrate you and help flush pesky UTI-causing bacteria from your bladder.


What you eat after having intercourse is very important. I know those chocolate chip cookies in the jar look tempting, but we advise you to choose your snack wisely. Your best option is fermented foods such as yogurt for instance. Kombucha and kimchi make healthy alternatives. Eating these as a snack after intercourse can restock good bacteria so that you don’t get yeast infections.


Not just after intercourse (although your V is particularly sensitive then), but always: don’t wash with soap. Your nether region is a self-cleansing organism and using soaps, douches or other products can interfere with its delicate pH levels. Soap can also lead to irritation and dryness – in fact, as a rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, don’t put it near your private part. After intercourse (and always), rinse only with warm, clean water.


Most types of lingerie are made from non-breathable fabrics like nylon or polyester. Slap them on after intercourse, and you’re creating the perfect environment for germs to grow. Remember, your V is warm and damp after getting down, and that’s when bacteria is likely to thrive, especially when trapped by non-breathable materials. Go commando or stick to cotton undies so your nether regions can breathe free.


While it might be appealing to swipe yourself clean using wet wipes, the chemicals and fragrances can irritate your sensitive genital area, especially after intercourse. If you want to use something other than plain water to clean up, try mixing a little vinegar with warm water. Vinegar is cleansing and won’t disrupt your body’s pH levels. Dry gently afterwards.


You would be surprised, but many women are blow drying their private part after making love. It is very effective according to some doctors, although you must be careful. Blow drying is especially effective for women prone to UTIs and mycosis.

Before blow drying, wash the your V with warm water. Use cold air setting to dry the area. Make sure you don’t overdo it and ensure the innermost V remains moist. Use a soft hand towel in the end.


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The Secret to Back Pain is In Your Feet! The 10 Exercises That Fix Everything!

Back pain is a serious problem which affects millions of people around the world. It is most often caused by injuries, improper posture or sitting or standing for a prolonged period. Back pain can range from mild to severe, with the later seriously interfering with your way of life and daily activities.

Our feet play a big role in our balance, movement and posture, which is why it’s important to always keep them in shape. The aging process and improper feet care may make standing or walking a real problem, which can become a serious issue. People usually treat back pain with painkillers, but they have numerous adverse side-effects, which is why you should try to reduce pain in other ways. Luckily, we’re going to show you a few simple exercises that will support your back muscles and posture and relieve the pain in your lower back.

Toe stretching

Sit down on a chair and put your left leg on the right thigh. Grab your toes with the right hand next, then shake them well in all directions and stretch them for about 10 seconds to the side. Repeat the toe stretching 3 times per foot.

Toe walking

Try to walk on your toes for 20 seconds around your room 5 times a day – this will reinforce your feet muscles and tendons and relieve the pain in your back.

Toe pressing

Toe pressing will boost the circulation in your feet and reduce the pain in your back. Bend the knees while standing and try to grasp the floor with your toes as hard as you can. Keep the position for 3 seconds, then repeat the process 10 times. For best results, try the exercise 3 times a day.

Toe pencil grip

Stand up and bend your knees a bit, then try to lift a pencil off the floor. Hold the pencil for 10 seconds with your toes and repeat the process 5 times per foot 2-3 times a week.

Ankle circles

Lie on your back on a bed or the floor, then stretch a leg upward and rotate your ankle for about 10-15 seconds. Next, repeat the process in the other direction, then do the same with the other leg. This exercise will relieve ankle, knee, hip and joint pain easily and quickly.

Stretch the heel tendons

Stand up facing a wall and stretch your right leg in front of you, then bend your right knee and move your hips forward. Keep the position for 30 seconds, then repeat the process with your other leg. Repeat the process twice per leg every day.

Heel stretching

Sit on the floor and put one of your legs in front of you, then bend the other beneath your thigh. Now, reach forward and grab your toes, then move them around for 30 seconds. Repeat the process with the other leg afterwards.

Foot massage

Put a tennis ball under the arch of your foot and go over the ball back and forward for a few minutes every day.

Upward stretching

Lie on your back on the floor and put your legs in front, then wrap a towel around one of your feet and raise it up while keeping your knee straight. Now, pull the knee over your head slowly, hold the position for half a minute, then switch your leg.

Resistance bend

Sit on the floor with your legs stretched forward, then wrap a resistance bend around a chair and on the top of your feet on the other end. Now, slide as far back as you can until you feel tension in the foot, then hold for 15 seconds and repeat the process 10 times.


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